The tale of Ponte del Diavolo e della Maddalena

As the sun was leaving the horizon, the trees danced slowly with the speed of the Volvo, and still the red sky kept a secret, that i tell you here. Over the river called Sechio, we saw a fantastic construction of stone-Ponte del Diavolo e della Maddalena-. Its dimensions are so strange to find in the construction of bridges, that the legend suggests the devil was the one who invented it.

Bernardo Gui, the inquisitor from The name of the rose, and also Torquemada, would have been they walking here, fast and full of sins, in their way to some abbey or castle?

We too! we were there in the bridge.

The Devil helped the constructors because they were running out of time and then, as the Devil is well known for his wide offer in pacts-souls by youth or power, souls by love or success-, he asked them that he would keep the soul of the first person walking through the bridge. No more,nothing else. The constructor was quite nervous with such an offer, and he thought a bright plan to lie the Devil. As Ulises, he chose animals instead of persons, to pass through Polifemo. But he took a pig. As the devil felt he was being victim of a lie, and broken his proud, he jumped to the river, very angry. Nobody saw him again.



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