Cappuccino in Lucca

Lucca seemed to be inspired by Escher. The city contained a surprise, a labyrinth grabbed in the stones of the  Cathedral. We were  happy because  it did not rain anymore, and also because  the white wine of the Pizzeria that we had ordered, but no doubt the labyrinth was a great discovering. What does it mean a labyrinth? I have  made hypothesis about the answer  since a long time ago. Are they just places to play, like the gardens of Egenskov Castle?

FACTS AND DISTANCE This picture was taken in the middle of the square, in Lucca. To arrive here, you can follow the Italian Travel Guide Michelin. There are 47 Km from Castelnuovo di Garfagnana to Lucca.

WEATHER The last days of May 2010, in Lucca rained during a long hour. That could be a moment, Migelanchelo Antonioni.  He could return and make a new film, he would see: several ambulant sellers, who offered umbrellas in the street. Also there was an old woman sitting in a corner, begging coins to the crowd.  I noticed that she disappeared when the rain began.

LABYRINTHS  Labyrinth found in the Cathedral, Duomo di Volto Santo. Exactly equal to the one which Lumen Editorial chose for The Name of the Rose.

PLEASURES  Mousse de Castagna, Pizzas, Nudels, Salame, Picorino,Vino Bianco, founded in Piazza Anfiteatro;  in the shops Le Sorelle, Madame Butterfly.

COINCIDENCES IN MUSIC. A coincidence is a kind of surprise, that appears sometimes, and which meaning is not clear to find out.  Here I play with three different coincidences: In Lucca, a  street musician played Show Must Go On, by Queen, in Flute, exactly the same sad elegance that a street pianist founded in Paseo de la Concha,  San Sebastian, more than eight years ago and also with the same discipline that our saxophone pupil, who is playing right now, somewhere in our building in Berlin.

TRANSPORT I suggest to get a bycicle tandem, perfect machine for touring around  the XVIII century walls of the city.

CAPPUCCINO in any of the shops in the Piazza San Michelle



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