Adventure in the wood like Robin Hood

The adventure that I tell you now is real and happened to us, meanwhile the last days of May and the starting of June, there in La Toscana.

For us, spanish people, used to the woods and the wild, a wood should not be a problem. For us, german friends, the woods are neither a problem at all. It was walking among my “germanen” friends, that me, “celtíbera romanizada”, learnt about different plants like “Holunder”, and also its qualities in Kitchen. The walk in the wild is not a big deal for us…until that day. That day we decided to cross the barrier of the “Verboten”, lo “Prohibido”.  We entered in the left part of the mountain, decided to find the sources of the river. Similar euphoria feelings with Sir Richard Burton and the Nile, believe me. Our goal was one, walk around the mountain, inside the wood, until the river shows its birth.

The last thing i remember is how we opened the red plastic signal which keeps out strangers. Then the rest was easy: the four of us, we would walk, one after each other, first over soft sand, stones, easy path in the wild. Later, the complications of the fantastic nature of Toscana, would reveal its heart and its unforgettable soul. The wood was alive, and so we discovered the possibility of being trapped inside, the more the wood seemed to speak to us. We crossed sheeps ways, abandoned stone houses, and Thomas-who would show a sense of orientation absolutely incredible- and me, we discovered two treasures hidden in the grass: a wild pig left its sharp hairs just for us.  I was all the time following the steps of Gustel and in the other hand, Hannes did not let that anything happened to me, so I was pretty cared. Sorry that I lost my nerves and my hope of finding the way back.

Sir Richard Burton had to fight against lions, we found steps of wild pigs, and several prehistorical stones that we kept with us, for its study, someday, in the optimist summer. The study of  certain stones to learn from our origins, is a practice for what i thank a lot to  A. Arrizabalaga .

Hannes was fast in the wood, as Robin Hood would be in Sherwood, he seemed to be perfectly used to the forest and the orientation. So with his hand, i knew i was safe. But still the imagination is like a horse without direction, and the experience of the wood, showed me what my father always says, that the Wild is alive and has its own rules. However Garfagnana wood is a place that i recommend you to keep out the stress of your modern city. For ending the adventure, you can imitate us, and pick up “holunder”, to cook at home, as Hannes´s father showed us to do. Those were days of our life!



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